Today I found out how connected our devices can be.
My client asked me over to help with some things around the house I noticed that their wifi name was still the default that came with the router.
Tip: Change the name of your wifi to something you know never leave it the default name.
I suggested that we change the name of the wifi to help with security and make for a safer environment. After that decision  I had to then fix 2 Alexa devices, 3 smart switches, 1 smart light switch, 2 tvs, 2 laptops, 2 cellphones, 1 nest temp controller,1 ring doorbell, and the camera system for their security system.

The smart home is smart because all the devices talk to one another and can be operated with your mobile device or computer. To accomplish this all the devices must be on the same wifi. When you change either the password or the wifi name (SSID) you then have to resync with every device to get back to how things were before. Whether this is Alexa or Google or any other smart home feature you are going to have this issue.

2 hours past my arrival I found that I had re synced all devices but one. A light switch on the wall. This seemingly innocuous little button on the wall gave me more headaches than the rest of the house combined. Not only were the instructions difficult but the buttons were smaller than ever would be necessary for them to be. I am disappointed to say that I could not get that one to work and my client will be in contact with those who installed it. I do believe that in this case being built into the wall it is the best course of action. With all that said I still got 96% of the job finished and I would do it again in a heartbeat because keeping a default name on your router whether it is netgear or belkin or anything else is dangerous.

Take the time get the name changed and the password as well for good measure. Don’t let little things get in the way of being safe in this ever growing interconnected world we live in.

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